Saturday, 31 December 2011

The 1st day of the New Year 2012!

Hi & welcome to my blog.

This the 1st time I have ever done a blog, I am a little nervous & unsure to what I should be saying or sharing, but here goes.

My name is Melissa & I am a 35yr old mum to 3 kids & have been married to my hubby Marshall for 4 years & together coming up 9 years.

My life has consisted of some major trials & has tested me in more ways then I can say.  Through it all though I have become a stronger, confident woman for it & find though much of what I have endured as painful that it has been I continue to count my blessings.

Last year after seeing my wonderful friend/cousin Mandy start posting on her Face Book status 5 things she was grateful for each day, I got inspired & started to do the same.  I suggested she should create a page for it where we could post daily on it we wanted to, weekly, monthly whatever you felt & suited you to do.  This page has taken off & it's been lovely to see & read other peoples posts & it has helped me see just how lucky I am with what I have in life.  I suppose you could say that was my 1st step in creating the LIFE I deserve :) Eg:  Today I am grateful for: 2012 being the year for changes, for awesome friends sharing the New year in with us, for 3 more sleeps till our family trip to Ozzy, for skyping with our friends last night in ozzy & for BBQ leftovers.  Simple as that doesn't have to be big life changing things, you begin to realize it's the little things that mean just as much if not more to you.

So this blog is for me to document my journey about achieving what I want out of life & making things happen for me.  There are many areas that I have goals to work towards & day by day I will share on those.  I thought I was going to do this blog about my weight issues as that is an area that I want to change, create a new figure for this body I am walking in.  More importantly I need to learn to LOVE myself, coz if you can't love yourself how can you expect others too right, so even though I have many kilos to shred I have a lot of baggage to lose 1st emotionally & mentally.  There's always more to it then just loving food & not being bothered to exercise, we all have a trigger point something that started these insane eating habits & having no respect for our bodies when you have a weight issue.  Let's be real if I was blessed with a top model figure like Heidi Klum to be fair she's rather skinny for my liking, let say a healthy Rachel Hunter is more my cup of tea, I love curves which is great because I have plenty.  Anyway if I had a figure like that & earning the $$$$ like they do,  well yip I wouldn't trash it with bad food choices & neglect it with no exercise I would want to maintain it & keep my body in tip top shape.

The thing is I shouldn't think just because I am NOT a top model with a body to die for that my body doesn't deserve to be treated like the temple it is, I should be living that way anyway.  My body is my tool, without it I wouldn't be able to par-take in life as I do & if I really want to get the most out of life & achieve all the dreams, goals & desires I have,  I need to look after it now so I can start ticking those dreams, goals & desires of my list.  Though in order to do this I need to search within myself for the reasons why I am where I am today, of course poor choices have had a helping hand, but I know it's something more then just that.  I didn't just think one morning hey lets get fat & add a few love handles on the waist & plump up my thighs & let my bat wing arms wave a bit more, no it's been a hell of a long process of over the years of going fat to skinny to fat to skinny to fat you get the drift.

So I hope you enjoy my blog & share in my journey with me, but more then anything 2012 is all about Creating the LIFE I deserve, why don't you create yours with me.