Sunday, 27 May 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Hi Everyone

Well it's been 4 weeks since my last post & lots has happen in that small amount of time :)

So I finished the 12WBT Challenge with a reasonable happy result for myself.

I went to Melbourne on Thursday 17th of May for a girls weekend away with my best mate & cousin Mandy, to celebrate our weight loss & to go to the Finale Party & Group Work-Out.

Was an amazing few days, did a lot of shopping & found some really good buys, which is nothing unusual for me as I like to get the most for my $. 

My gorgeous cherry dress that I got for 1/2 price, have always wanted a dress like this, so I am very happy with my purchase!

I also got to be a part of a Guinness Book World Record, for the biggest group work-out total number of people were 1165, Wahoo it was AWESOME to be involved in such a big event & feel the energy from everyone there!

This is me with some of the 12wbt girls, we rocked it out in our work-out!  

Me with Michelle Bridges, yes I am a very happy girl getting to get up & close for a photo with Michelle!

Then later that night we partied at the Plaza Ballroom, with wine flowing freely, great night had :) This is me below all dressed up for a night of celebration after losing 12.5kgs during the 1st Round this includes pre-season.

After my few days in Melbourne I came back home all inspired to get back to it & back to my weight loss journey.  I heard some fabulous weight loss stories & saw some fantastic results from some ladies.  I was like if she can achieve that I can so do it too, had this motivation again, YAY!!!!

I only got through half the week before I felt old habits creeping back in to visit & feeling like oh shit am I strong enough to do this on my own.  After talking to hubby & having a small melt down with tears I decided nope I needed the support system of the 12WBT program, as crazy as it sounds adding in my weight each week makes me feel a bit more accountable then just sharing it with my support pages that I am with.  My hubby does find it difficult to understand but if I hadn't achieved the results I had on the last round he wouldn't have been supportive of me doing another round.  Since I did achieve good results on the last round he was a little more understanding of letting me do it again if it was what I needed to do.  So Friday night I signed up for Round 2 on Michelle Bridges 12WBT & I am fully excited about it.  I know that on the 1st Round I did not commit to it 100% I did well & I am over the moon with the loss I managed to do with only a half pie commitment.  So Round 2 I am ready to SMASH IT!!!!!  I am prepared to do what it takes & I am going to challenge myself more too.  Even though I am much fitter & healthier then I was before Jan 16th 2012 when  started this program there is still so much work to be done to be where I want to be.  I have decided to take this fire I have in my belly & to use it 110%, I know I am not perfect & I am only human so I may slip up, but I am determined not to get down on myself but to move on & get straight back on track, plus I am aware life is to be lived I just need to find the balance.

I want to THANK everyone who has inspired me with this journey that I am on & for the wonderful support I have been given & the beautiful words that have been spoken to me & the lovely encouraging comments & compliments that have been said to me through - out the last few months.  This really has been an amazing journey & I feel utterly blessed to have meet some gorgeous people through this all.  For all the people that have said to me WOW you have lost 18kgs in total since September 2011, you look GREAT what an awesome achievement, I must say THANK - YOU.  I know I have trouble accepting these compliments as my 1st reaction is to say oh but I am only half way through my weight lost journey I still have another 18kgs to lose.  I know 18kgs lost is nothing to scoff about but something to be proud about & I am, just imagine how proud I am going to be when I get to say I have lost 36kgs, hmmm seems a way off but I know this will be achieved by my date of December 16th 2012, so stayed tuned :)

My next mission is to work through my pre-seasons tasks & complete them all with honesty & commitment.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog & remember it's all about Creating the life I deserve :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Round 1 finished & completed!

So after 16 weeks all up I completed the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, YAY!!!!

What a journey that was, meet some awesome & amazing ladies through this program thanks to some wonderful groups I found on Facebook :)  I achieved some goals, lost some weight & discovered I am stronger & more dedicated than I thought I was.

Ok so the journey is far from over for me & the last 16 weeks didn't happen without some slip ups along the way, but all & all I am happy at how far I have come & know that I can only keep on getting better with each day that passes & that I proceed to continue to live with my new habits as a life style.  This wasn't just for 16 weeks & now I am going back to my old way of living this was a new way for me to live & a much better & happier way for me to live.

So with Round 1 under my belt these are my final results:

Weight Loss Results:
Weight loss from September 2011 = 17.5kgs
Weight loss from 16th Jan 2012 = 12.5kgs
Weight loss from 13th Feb 2012 = 6.8kgs

Centimeters Lost Results:
CM's gone from September 2011 = 108cms
CM's gone from 16th Jan 2012 = 66cms
CM's gone from 13th Feb 2012 = 37cms

Fitness Test Results:
1km Time Trial: Wk1: 7mins & 36secs Wk2: 6mins & 30secs (1min & 6 secs faster)
Wall Sit: Wk1: 24secs Wk2: 2 mins ( 1min & 36secs longer)
Sit & Reach Test: Wk1: +21cms Wk2: +24cms
Push Ups On Toes: Wk1: 0 Wk2: 5 (not my strongest area here)
Push Ups On Knees: Wk1: 26 Wk2: 30 (only a slight improvement, an area I need a lot of work on)
Ab Strength Test:  No change stayed on level 3.

So I made some improvements overall, I can see & feel that I much fitter then I was at the start of the year & my confidence in myself is improving I am feeling a bit more comfortable in my own skin.  I am not where I want to be as of yet but I am on my way & that is something worth smiling about & being proud of.

Too many times we beat ourselves up on what we didn't achieve & how we didn't succeed with the expectations of ourselves.  I have come to understanding that I am not doing that anymore as it isn't productive & it's not helping me to get where I want to go.  I read this quote & it rang truth to me & I when I find myself feeling this way I remember this quote & say it to myself.

It's not that I am unhappy where I am at & it's not that I begrudge the people who are doing well, it's just sometimes I wish I was doing better.  So instead I will remember this quote & remember that we all achieve our goals in our own time & as long as I keep working at it & staying positive I too will get to my ultimate goal :)

I am half way through my weight loss journey, I didn't make the 10kg loss like I had wanted to in the 12 weeks & I didn't get to 79.9kgs on my last weigh in but I did still lose 12.5kgs in 16 weeks & I say CONGRATS to me for that :)

However the day after the last official weigh in day I was 79.9kgs, so I am in the 70's, HOORAY!!!!

I have not signed up for Round 2 as $$$ were a bit short, I do have the tools that I need that I learnt from Michelle Bridges & I have the wonderful support from my groups with the amazing ladies that I was telling you about & I have my inner strength that WANTS ME to succeed, so I think I am prepared & ready to continue with the next phase of my weight loss journey.

Thanks again for taking the time out to read my story & for the lovely support & kinds words that are given & I look forward to sharing more with you as I travel further along my path of Creating the LIFE I deserve :)

( Just remember Michelle gave us the push, but we have done the hard work, so remember to thank yourself too)