Sunday, 12 February 2012

The 12WBT Begins today Officially!

Hi everyone

I have been a bit quiet as I was sick last week, just not feeling 100% my usual self.  I was working extra hours at my part-time job & I was looking after extra kids in the morning & afternoon.  So the exercise wasn't as good as I would usually do, didn't want to push my body when I had so much on my plate & I have learnt from the past that when my body tells me to rest I need to listen to it & REST!

Last week saw me picking up some extra permanent hours at work, YAY!!!!  Things have been a bit tight with the $$$ the last few weeks as hubby has had to stay with doing only 40 hour per week.  Things changed on Friday for both of us though I got the extra hours & hubby got a big job in that needs to be completed in the new few weeks so he will be working longer now, so some extra $$$ coming our way.  The universe listened once again & delivered, I am really loving this being grateful for what I have & asking for what I need & it happening because I am believing, I  know some of you might say it's just luck really but I don't see it that way.  Since I have started appreciating what I have in life & being more positive whenever a bump in the road appears something tends to happen to help that bump disappear.

So yesterday when I started to do my measurements & weight I wanted to be completely honest to where I am at & not cheat or lie to myself, because really what is that achieving but giving me false happiness.  I asked hubby to stand on the scales to where I had been weighing myself everyday over the last 4 weeks & he pretty much never changes in weight.  When he hopped on it was 2 or 3kgs lighter then usual so I was like SHIT bugger it that means my number isn't as low as I had thought :(  So we found a leveled spot in the house on hard floor & re-weighed.

So as from yesterday 12th February 2012 my weight & measurements are :)
Weight: 87.2kgs
Bust: 98cms
Waist: 89cms
Hips: 115cms ( a lot of work to do here)
Thighs both: 66cms
R Arm: 33.5cms
L Arm: 32.5cms

So even though I am heavier today I have still lost 5kgs in pre-season of The 12WBT & a total of 10kgs since September 2011, feeling pretty happy about that.  Another awesome thing that happened today is that I fit into my 1st piece of goal clothing, my OLD FAT jeans, LOL!  These use to be baggy on me but I am just happy to say that they fit again, WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

So to put things in perspective here are some photos for you to see the difference, it's not's huge yet but it's a start.

This is me on my 35th birthday last year July 2011 with my eldest daughter Kyra, I was my heaviest here.  My face is so round & full & my bust is about to explode out of that dress, not a good look!

Here I am at a friends wedding November 2011, have only lost 5kgs but it was the beginning for me to continue :)

This is me nearly at my 10kgs mark loss, 5th Feb 2012 at another friends wedding.

I can see it in my face the weight loss so far & it's been nice that others have noticed it too, getting some lovely comments from people.  I have started my journey & I am embarking on it with full force & commitment & watch out world Melissa Howell is about to ROCK a new look for life!!!

I am Creating the LIFE I deserve :)


  1. Looking smoking Mel! Photos are a fantastic way to see how far you have come- and you have come a long way! Well done. Keep it up gorgeous girl.

  2. The universe delivers! Great eh! Well done.