Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week 2 on the 12WBT

Hi everyone

So my 2nd week on the 12WBT, went a little differently to the 1st.  I got in a bit of a FUNK & found it hard to pull myself out of it.  I didn't complete as much exercise as I had in the 1st week & I wasn't counting my calories very well just doing estimates, plus it's the week before I get my friend & I am always a little more moody then usual, lol.

Then I thought to myself you know what, ok I haven't been achieving the 500 calories for exercise everyday & yes I have been making some bad food choices.  Overall though I have taken some good steps in travelling down this new path that I have ventured on & I haven't given up!  I am making more of an effort to exercise 6 days a week & if I miss a day the next day I have to do a bit more to make up for it etc...  I have come a long way to where the (OLD ME) would have self sabotaged myself in harsher ways & may of just given up. Not the (NEW ME) though I talked myself out of my rut & got myself back on track!!!!!!!

This is me telling OLD ME where to go & saying NEW ME is here to stay!

Ok so here's my break down of my week for exercise & what I accomplished!

MONDAY - Was a complete write off, this is where my funk started.
TUESDAY - I managed to do Michelle Bridge's Super Shredder DVD work-out & burnt 307 calories.
WEDNESDAY - I did a bike ride with the kids & burnt 297 calories.
THURSDAY - Did a 5km jog & burnt 403 calories.
FRIDAY - Another day off, oops.
SATURDAY - Did my 6.5km jog & burnt 500 calories.
SUNDAY - Was my MASSIVE day, I did a 5.5km jog in the morning & burnt 500 calories & in the arvo I did 10km jog & burnt another 847 calories a total of 1347 calories in 1 day :)

So my total for the week was 2854 calories burnt, almost a 1000 less then the 1st week, but on reflection not a bad effort & bloody better then nothing, which was the case a while back before my health kick started!

1178 calories in this so 2 of these would almost equal what I worked off, not what I would waste my calories on!
So if you were on a 2000 a day calorie intake look at how much you have left, not a lot!  I am on a 1200 calorie intake a day so 1 of these would be me for the day, NOT a clever choice.  Helps to see things like this to put things in perspective!

So it's Measure Monday for me & I have lost 23 & 1/2cms in total in 2 weeks & 1.8kgs, so I am pretty dam HAPPY with that & I am going to work hard to lose the next 2.9kgs in the next 2 weeks to get to my 1st goal weight of 85kgs :)

Something I am continuing to work on, this year is about me getting my health back on track, my body where I want it to be & making better food choices to fuel by body with.

Some more wise words to remember, we are all built differently & we all achieve our goals in our own time but the one thing that is in common is that we are the only person who can make our dreams come true.  
So stop thinking & start doing!!!!!

Because it's all about Creating the LIFE I deserve :)

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