Tuesday, 3 January 2012


So today I finally walked up the Mount again & around with my friend Angela, an old friend from school who I have reconnected with thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook.  My hubby Marshall wouldn't necessarily agree with that comment in regards to Facebook, he finds my time is taken up too much since I discovered Facebook well he doesn't know what's going to hit him now that I have started a blog too.

It's been so awesome catching up with people from my past & seeing where they are & what they have been up to over the years.  Ok ok I'll be honest I also love being nosey & want to check out the photos to see what they look like now, have they gone to the dogs or have they had work done or are they even better looking then I remembered, lol.  To be fair it's just the snobs or nasty girls that I hope have faired the worse, but even though I have that little evil voice on my shoulder saying these silly comments I really just love getting in contact with people.

Recently I had a private message from an old school friend Nicole, who said she felt like we were friends even though we don't see each other, as I always like or comment on things that she posts.  If I have something to say I will make a comment on it, some people get annoyed by how often I post comments, I say to them learn to use the HIDE button coz I ain't changing, lol.  It grates me to sometimes how people will read things that you post or view photos that you share but never comment, but then you might bump into them & they say oh yeah I saw that.  I feel like they are stalking me or taking an interest in my life but don't want me to know about it, just press like if you can't be bothered saying anything, it's not hard.  So in saying all that I am a person who really does take interest in others & I love reading what you have to say, so if I read it or view it I will let you know & if I have something to say I will post a comment to let you know.

Another thing I have discovered about Facebook is, it's like an adult world of high school dramas sometimes.  Let me tell you some of the SHIT that has been created by simple status up dates or smart arse comments on photos or posts.  The hard thing with Facebook is we don't hear the tone of how someone is delivering a comment so sometimes we read something & say it in the tone in how we think it is being expressed only to find we got it completely wrong.  This is when using LOL or Ha Ha is very important coz if you are joking make it clear sometimes sarcasm is hard to hear when there is no volume button on a those posts.

In another way though I find some people hide behind there Facebook world persona, letting it all out & making loud & random comments for all to view like hey people I'm a bitch you shouldn't mess with coz I will CAP LOCK your arse on here.  Put me in front of the person I am complaining about well shit I don't have CAPS LOCK to help me out, aaaarrrrgggghhhh I have to use my mouth & be honest & say it to their face.  People who always whinge about others on Facebook by using their status up dates to do so normally don't have the guts to do it to your face.  On here they have support from their friends & will get comments like oh no what's happened etc...  Don't get me wrong I have done this myself but with going through some messy business with some so called friends I have learnt the error of my ways & won't repeat that again.  I do believe however my status up date is mine to express how I feel & sometimes I do use it as a venting tool, I am just more aware of what I should share sometimes.  P.S Drunk facebooking not a wise idea, very therapeutic at the time & makes you feel so empowered,  but next morning hmmmm reality of the situation will hit you in the face & that can be not so nice.  Yes I have done this too, so I am talking from experience, thank god for the delete button aye no one ever saw it, ha ha yeah right!

Many times I have gone through my friends list wanting to have a huge clean out & delete people who I don't have real contact with or any interest in staying in contact with, I can usually cut it down by a few but my number will always creep back up.  I tried really hard to see if I could just keep 100 friends but everyone I would have a reason for keeping, family don't want to step on anyone's toes & offend them, work mates again don't want to offend anyone, then all the old school friends or old work mates etc... I will look at their photo & think we talk so I have to keep them or we comment every now & then so I better keep them or I really like seeing what they are doing so I want to keep them.  In fairness everyone I have kept it's because I want to keep you, you are not just a number on my friends list you are someone I want to have on my friends list.  It astounds me when I see people with 500 or 800 friends, I find it hard with 260, lol.

Anyway to end today's blog, my relationship with FacebookLOVE, I am on here daily/hourly, lol,  to check & see what is happening with my friends & family.  I have a few groups I am a part of on there also which really help me with certain areas of my life I am trying to improve.  So as much as people want to bag Facebook,  I will never give it up because you know what I'm happy with my relationship with Facebook we get along just fine :)  It has enabled me to meet people who will help me start creating the LIFE I deserve!

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