Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Second Day into it :)

So again I didn't get myself up & out the door early like I wanted too, but I was so tired.  That might be because I was up till after midnight again, honestly I need to organize my time better.
Trying to check in on Facebook & checking out the group pages I am on there with regarding the 12WBT Challenge, commenting with positive things to some lovely ladies going through the same journey as me.  Then doing my blog which I want to be a daily thing for me even if it's short & sweet I want to use it as my diary & make time for it & share my progress good or bad & if I have had a shitty day & how I dealt with it.  Plus being a wife & mother to 3 kids & working part-time & catching up with good friends, time can get away on you sometimes.

I do find writing down my feelings is a good way for me to vent & get it off my chest allowing me to move on.  I also like shouting out loud when I am doing great coz I feel being positive can be contagious, you want to be around happy people & get that buzz that they are on.  We don't want to surround ourselves with negative energy, it just deflates you & you don't see all the wonderful things you should be grateful for & all the positives you should be focusing on you just look at the few things that are going wrong & make them bigger then they need to be.  I know this oh so well, as I have a history of depression so I know the signs & I am pretty fast at making sure I do not go down that dark path, as it's not fun.

Exercise always gives me my happy vibe & I love it, I know this but in the past I always struggled to get my backside off that couch or computer chair as the case maybe a lot more these days, lol.  For some reason I have this new found energy & vibe in just wanting to succeed & kick ass on this 12WBT Challenge which I am all for :)

So I managed to do my 6.5km track again today this time I did it in the evening when hubby got home so he could watch our kids while I had my ME time.  I jogged 5.5kms of it & walked the other 1km, I must inform you I refuse to say run (though I noticed I did the other day somewhere oopsy) because I do not run what so ever.  I was watching my shadow tonight as I was jogging & I jog very slowly more like a shuffle jog but when looking at my shadow I would better describe it as a pregnant waddle jog but instead of the load being in the front it's all in the booty.  So I was thinking I wonder what I look like, do the people in the cars that pass by laugh at me because of the style I am jogging in.  Then I thought don't be silly i'm sure they have way more interesting things on their minds & even if they do have a giggle at my jogging style, well the positive from that is I put a smile on someones face or I gave them a happy chuckle & that's ok with me.  Coz you know what I might jog with my pregnant waddle but I am doing it & that's all that matters & I am feeling bloody awesome in doing so too!

So I managed to burn another 581 calories today, I am pretty happy with that :D

Last night after my shower which I took at like 11.30pm I did my measurements as promised & the results were not good, I had lost some not long ago & though I haven't put them all back on I have put some of it back on.  It's all ok as I know those cms are going to decrease day by day on this wonderful 12WBT Challenge, so anyway here goes another brave move from me & sharing & owning more of where I am in life.

On Monday 16th Jan 2021 my measurements were,
Neck: 34.5cm
Bust: 101cm
Abdomen: 79.5cm
Waist: 92cm
Hips: 114cm
Bum: 115cm
Right Upper Arm: 32cm
Left Upper Arm: 32cm
Right Upper Thigh: 70cm
Left Upper Thigh: 71cm
Right Calf: 40.5cm
Left Calf: 40cm

I think I am measuring everything in the right place but I can't be completely sure, but if I measure in the same places I will be ok.  I have decided to measure myself every Monday, as I know some weeks the weight may not go down but my measurements may do.  It's just another way to keep me being positive about the whole weight loss thing & staying on track.

That's it's from me today & remember it's all about creating the LIFE I deserve :)

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  1. Weigh in Wednesdays, Measure Mondays... good way to remember!!