Monday, 23 January 2012

1st week on the 12WBT!

So it was 1 complete week yesterday since I started the pre-season of the 12WBT, how am I going well I will give you a run down :)

So on Monday 16th Jan 2012 I was all guns blazing for this challenge.  For exercise I completed my 6.5km track by jogging 5.5km of it & walking the other 1km & I burnt 584 calories by doing that, great start.

Tuesday 17th Jan 2012 still got the fire in me.  Exercise for today was my 6.5km track again, once again I jogged 5.5km & walked the other 1km, burnt 581 calories that day.

Wednesday 18th Jan 2012, still going strong.  Decided to try out 1 of my new Michelle Bridges DVD the Super Shredder, only burnt 387 calories this day but that's better then none.

Thursday 19th Jan 2012, a long day last thing I wanted to do was exercise but I got my trainers on & got out that door to do my 6.5km track, again jogged 5.5km & walked the other 1km, burnt 531 calories.  That day was a slow day struggled to get moving but I JFDI which is what Michelle Bridges say's :)

Friday 20th Jan 2012 have a dinner out with the girls tonight so a RED FLAG event.  I decided to do 2 of Michelle Bridges DVD's the Seek & Destroy in the morning & the Super Shredder in the arvo burnt 689 calories.  So I enjoyed 1 glass of wine with dinner & stayed on water for the rest of the night didn't have an entree or dessert just a vegie main with a side salad, very happy with my choice though the main had pastry in it not the best but a lot better then I would have picked before I started this challenge.  Oh the other challenge I had this day was to make my friend a birthday cake, not 1 bit of butter icing passed my lips, I was very impressed :)

Saturday 21st Jan 2012, made this my rest day as I was working all day then straight to a BBQ at friends after work.  Was naughty had a little bit of birthday cake & 1/2 glass of wine, but again a huge improvement to how I use to be.

Sunday 22nd Jan 2012, this is my SSS day known as Super Shredder Saturday tho it was Sunday for me this is the day where we burn 1000 calories :)  So I meet up with my friend Leigh & we walked up the Mount & then walked around the Mount we were only up to 750 & something calories, so we walked to Leisure Island & found some steps to walk up & down then I did some jumping jacks & lunges.  Still only 920 calories so went across the road & walked up Mount Dury & back to the car finally 1021 calories done, YAY!  That was the best feeling EVER, I didn't want to stop till I saw that number at 1000 & when I did it put the biggest SMILE on my face!  When you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

So in a total of 1 week I burnt 3755 calories & I exercised 6 out of 7 days, WOW the new ME really has some DETERMINATION!

Yesterday Monday 23rd Jan 2012, was not a good day :(  I woke up with a dodgy tummy, so I spent the day in bed watching programs, nibbled on lollies & did NO exercise, the old ME was creeping in for a visit aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!

I decided fine today will be my REST day & the next 6 will have to be exercise days now.  I started reading the Michelle Bridges Crunch Time Book & did an activity in there about being honest with myself & writing down how committed I am to making the changes I need to make, a great way to kick me back into gear.

So in 1 week after all that HARD work I have managed to lose 1kg, wasn't very happy with that result but then I found this photo that helped me to see it differently.

I have lost 2 of these in 1 week!

I also took my measurements & again another awesome result from there, I had lost 11 1/2 cms overall on my body, I thought that's bloody amazing, YAY!  I don't seem to lose the weight that fast but cm's seem to go down very fast for me so I have to stop being so fixated on that bloody number showing on my scales.

Something I am learning to do!

I have a couple of small issues that work against me & I need to keep that in mind, I don't have regular movement with my bowels & I also have an under active thyroid.  These are not EXCUSES for me to allow myself to be easy on myself but I need to remember this to why I may not see the results as fast, I just have to work harder & need to be more patient & give it time.

So that's it for me this week, I have decided to only write in my blog once a week with my updates of how I am doing or if I have something major happen that I need to share then I will.  Until then remember I am Creating the LIFE I deserve, why don't you do the same!


  1. 1 kg is great Mel, Well done.

    1. I know I should be happy with that, just see all these other people pulling big numbers you kind of hope for the same, but in saying that when I broke down my goals it was to lose 4 kgs in pre-season which works out to be 1kg a week so I am on track :)

  2. Awesome work! I find cardio really tough going - and I had a really bad habit of jumping on the scales every day. I've put them away now in an awkward spot which means hopefully I will only do weigh in Wednesday and keep of them the rest of the time. Last round someone posted a picture of themselves saying guess how much weight I've lost - and it honestly looked like she'd lost about 20-30 kilos, but it turned out her scales said five. Its all about how your clothes fit and your measurements!

    1. Hi Mel, yip I have to re-train my brain not to let a number define my success, I know when things start to feel better on & looser then I am doing what I set out to do. Thanks for the words of encouragement :)