Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back from holiday!

Hi people

Have just spent the last 10 days in Gold Coast, visiting family & friends.  Main reason for going over at the most expensive time of the year though was to celebrate my long-time wonderful friend Mandy (also my cousin) 40th birthday.

This was our 1st ever family holiday overseas & it had been 12 years since I last traveled on a plane somewhere, so it was a much needed & well deserved break for us all.  My kids seem to travel fine no major tantrums were thrown in public thankfully, plus we had no delays everything really ran perfect for our flights to & from Ozzy.

Hubby & I at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Park 5th Jan 2012.

I was also blessed when we did the theme parks that we managed to do everything we wanted to do at all the times we wanted to do them at, I was very tinny at getting what I really wanted, though I did ask the universe so I had put it out there.  Seems positive thinking really does work!

My kids (L-R) Maddisyn 4yrs, Blake 7yrs & Kyra 10yrs, holding the baby croc at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Park 5th Jan 2012.

I shopped up a storm, brought more then I had planned on buying, LOL!  Plus my lovely friend Cass had a chuck out of her wardrobe as she has gotten to skinny for them, so got myself some awesome hand me downs.  I love it when friends have a clean out it really feels like Xmas to me when I score free clothes :)

I was also impressed that I was a good girl & did some exercise while on holiday, not as much as I had wanted to do, but the holiday mode did sink so I relaxed more.  The only time really to do exercise is early in the morning in Oz anything after 6am it's too HOT!  So the mornings I did do something it was done at 5.15am or so, I squeezed in 3 or 4 walks plus an 1hr & 30 mins Zumba Master Class one Friday night.  I would like to add though with all the walking around the Theme parks I did surely that counts too, my feet were aching like mad at the end of each day.

Going to Draculas at Gold Coast with our friends, 12th Jan 2012.

Just a short & sweet post today to let you know why I wasn't around posting, I thought while on holiday I would just be on holiday & not doing anything but relaxing & enjoying my time away.  Ok I did check in on Facebook everyday but I couldn't give up all my habits, ha ha :)

Myself, Maddisyn, hubby & Blake doing a ride at Sea World 10th Jan 2012.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for me, the beginning to the rest of my life!  Pre-season starts for Michelle Bridges 12WBT  so ROCK on Monday Jan 16th 2012, i'm ready to do this thing :)  I am very excited but I also have a wee bit of nerves happening, more then anything I am determined to makes the changes I need to make & discover & let out the new & improved me physically, emotionally & spiritually.  Although the changes will be seen more then anything I know my outlook on life will also change & I will be happier within myself too.  2012 is MY year where I am going to put my goals into action & achieve my dreams, of course this won't happen over night but my steps are being made now to make them come to fruition!

The Zumba Master Class I took in Ozzy with Mandy to the left of me & Cass to the right of me, yes that's right I am in the middle (oh & Zumba Bear) I think this is a good before photo of what I looks like now, so keep an eye out for the after photo!  Though I will be doing the proper photos that you need to do, lets see how strong I am & if I have the courage to post those bad boy photos, lol.

So I hope you enjoy following my journey that I am about to embark on & who knows maybe I might inspire you along the way.

Thanks for reading my post & remember it's all about Creating the LIFE I deserve, only I have the power to do that so I have control of making it happen :)

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