Monday, 16 January 2012

So Today I begin my 12WBT Challenge.

I got a feel good vibe happening this morning, was my 1st day with the 12WBT Challenge & I was super excited to start it, plus I SO need it too!

I didn't get up early as planned coz I am still tired from traveling & Sunday was a complete write off as a day.  So happy that I didn't though, because 9.30am this morning my new toy arrived. My pretty PINK Polar FT4 HRM watch, YAY!  Couldn't wait to try it out & see what I have been doing with my 6.5km track that I do usually do around where I live.

Headed out the door with my fancy new toy & pounded that pavement with such energy & determination, i'm sure people were staring at me wondering what I was on with my smile shining so bright :-)  I jogged 5.5km of my track & then walked the other 1km & with that I burned 584 calories, easy peasy doing my 500 calories with exercise today with that one.  I completed this in my best time ever also 1hr & 7mins, have to minus 3 mins of that time as I had a loo stop during my walk, thank god there are loos along the way where I do my walk.

So here's my proof 584 calories baby!
I was in the fat burning zone for 57min & 51secs.
My average HR was 138 & my Max was 164.

I can tell you now that I am going to find this HRM a blessing to push me that extra mile, I just wanted to see  the calories go up so I would run a bit more or run a bit harder.  It is 1 thing I would encourage people to buy if they were to embark on a journey like this.

So I thought I am going to completely OWN my life & where I am at in it, so I am going to make 1 big brave move & share with you my current weight & some before photos that were taken today.  Excuse these horrible photos I look disgusting in them & I am positive I have tried my hardest to look the worse I can look too, lol.  So here goes.
Side photo of my huge self 16.01.12

Front photo of my wide self 16.01.12

I know I am making fun of myself, but I DO NOT like these photos at all, but you know what I also know that my after photos are going to look so bloody AWESOME that I won't even believe that's me here right now.  I will use them as inspiration for myself to remind me where I do not ever want to be again so if I feel myself slipping up out come these photos which will help to push me back in line!

Today I weigh 89kgs, my goal weight is 65kgs, my heaviest weight was 95kgs back in July 2011, so I have already made a small loss. So my total loss I want to achieve is 24kgs,  I am hoping to lose at least 10kgs on this round of 12WBT challenge, kind of wanting 15kgs though & anything more then that would be BLOODY GREAT!

I am going to take my measurements after I have a shower tonight & I will share those results tomorrow.

Remember it's all about Creating the LIFE I deserve!



  1. Most excellent Blog post Mel, I haven't been brave enough for the before photos yet. The HRM is fricken awesome hey!!

    1. Thanks chick, rather scary bearing my soul like that & letting the world be able to see me at my worse physically, but I am using it as a way for me to achieve my goals. Now I have stated it for all to see I can't let myself down. YES love my new HRM toy, it so ROCKS!!!!!