Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Finally seeing it for myself, YAY!!!

Hello everyone

So after my very emotional release last week & gaining an understanding about my weight issues, I have lost another 0.9kgs this week :)

Here are my stats:
Since September 2011 I have lost a total of 15kgs & 15.4% percent of my body weight, YAY!
Since January 13th 2012 I have lost 10kgs.
Since February 16th 2012 I have lost 4.8kgs & 5.5% of my body weight.

Now for some before & after photos to show the difference, I apologize now for not smiling, but I am going to make more of an effort from now on to be happy in my photos, lol.

15kgs lost in these photos!
10kgs lost in these photos!

I am 2.5kgs away from being in the 70's again & I can't wait & know I will do this, so roll on 79.9kgs here I come! (oh & when I reach 79.9kgs too I will finally be in the overweight BMI range)   Only another 4.7kgs & I then will have lost 20kgs since the beginning of my weight loss journey.

I went shopping this week & brought 2 items in a size 12, I am still officially a size 14 but I can vary from a 12/14 on the top & I am happy about that.  I also purchased my dress for the Finale Party in Melbourne, can't wait to celebrate with my bestie Mandy Howells who I have done this weight loss journey with.  We may have an ocean between us but we have been there for each other every step of the way, so our reward is going to Melbourne & celebrating with all the other 12WBT people.  Along with Mandy I will also be sharing a special celebration drink & hug with Cass Thurston the amazing lady that inspired me to take this step & try this program, to her I must say a BIG THANK-YOU!

Our tickets have been purchased & our accommodation booked & paid for, so just have to save up for some spending money to be able to buy a few little things for myself.

I am very grateful & thankful for the AWESOME support I have found with the ladies in the Facebook groups that I am with who are also doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT Program.  Your words of support & advice have meant so much & have been truly appreciated, you have made my journey a lot easier & helped me when I needed it too.  My wise friend Mandy said something today to another lady on 1 of the support pages I am with, there is no limit for that finish line you will reach your finish line when you get there & I WILL!

My life is blessed with so much & I have only enriched my life more by allowing myself to travel this path towards my journey, of Creating the LIFE I deserve.

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