Sunday, 17 June 2012

Week 3 :)

So can't believe we are already in Week 3 of 12WBT program, it's been awesome so far!

In 2 weeks I have managed to lose 1.3kgs so far & I am crossing fingers I can make that more with the next weigh in on Wednesday, total weight loss is 19kgs so close to the 20kg mark.  I have always struggled with the food side of things & it's my aim to improve on this area in this round, I have not been the greatest I can say however I have made some small improvements on it & I can only get better.  Upping my exercise has been easy & I am loving pushing myself more in this area.

19 kilograms = 41.8878298 pounds

I meet the lovely Kimberly Hammond around a month ago, Kimberly is a newbie to Michelle Bridges 12WBT & has joined the Kiwi support group on Facebook.  We hit it off & have meet up a couple of times, Kimberly introduced me to my 1st PT (personal training) Session & my body ached the next day & the day after that,  I woke up muscles that obviously been sleeping for sometime & felt soreness & pain in a new way the crazy thing is I LOVED feeling that.  It made me realized I needed to do this more & keep working these lazy muscles & make them stronger.  So I would like to THANK Kimberly for taking me to my 1st class & I am pumped to do my 2nd session this coming Saturday :)  I can only do every 2nd Saturday due to work commitments but I will increase my sessions once I get a routine sorted & the weather is a bit warmer, it's hard to exercise outside in this cold, but I am pushing through it & continuing on with me exercise nothing is going to stop me getting the body I want!

I made the decision last week that I am going to use my Monday's & Fridays plus my day off in the weekend as my days to burn 1000 calories, I have Zumba on Wednesday & then I try to do a couple of small walks or DVD's on another 2 days.  My aim is to exercise 5 days a week this suits me more, if I get to do 6 that's just a bonus :)

I made a goal of walking/jogging 150kms for the month of June & I have already completed 92kms only 58kms to go, not a problem, going to power out some decent kms this coming Friday & Saturday.

Today I achieved another mini goal, I have been trying to walk up the Mount, down & around once in under 1 hour for a little while now but haven't really pushed myself to do this, the closest I got was 1hour & 2mins but my average is 1hour & 8mins, today however with the help of my friend Kylie I finally did it YAY, my official time was 58mins & 41secs, so pretty happy about that.  These are only small goals but they make me remember & realize how far I have come & what I can do when I set my mind to do so.

My next decent challenge has been set & paid for my Tough Guy/Tough Gal Challenge on Saturday 4th of August 2012 in Rotorua, NZ I am doing this with a few friends & we are doing the 6km event, I am super excited about it & looking forward to seeing what I am made of again in a different way.  This is a completely cold & muddy event usually & I am a bit of a girlie girl so I am going out of my comfort zone with this one, but you know what I don't care I will have myself a concrete pill & just harden up for it :)

So that's it for me now, thanks for reading my blog & remember I am Creating the LIFE I deserve!

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